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Welcome to the Undergraduate Research Training Program (URTP) Portal!  

The URTP is a comprehensive platform to create better prepared undergraduate researchers.  The URTP is comprised of in-person training sessions offered several times throughout the academic calendar, a student-focused curriculum, and an online decision form that will assist students in determining whether their project requires IRB review.

So you think you might want to conduct research with people?  Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The first step in the URTP process is to identify a Faculty Advisor that will assist and guide you through your undergraduate research experience.  Your Advisor will be your mentor and go-to person during this process. The Harvard IRB office, CUHS, offers advice and conducts training sessions for undergraduates in the Fall and Spring terms.  We are also available to answer questions that you may have.  Check out our drop-in session times here - http://cuhs.harvard.edu/calendar
  • Attend one of our in-person training sessions to learn about what types of research require IRB review.  Also offered in these sessions are best practices for conducting ethical research, an overview of human subject protections, and additional resources that may be helpful to you.
  • Check out the URTP Student Guide.  The Student Guide contains an overview of the regulations that govern human subject research, tips on conducting ethical research whether or not IRB review is required, things to avoid when conducting research with people, and useful resources and contact information to guide you through the URTP process.
  • Once you have met with your Faculty Advisor, have a good idea of the research you are conducting, have taken training (either in person or online), and read through the Student Guide,  you are ready to complete the URTP Decision Form!
  • The URTP Decision Form will provide you with a decision on whether IRB review is needed or not and the next steps that are needed.


URTP Student Guide (click to download)

The guide is designed to help student investigators understand their ethical obligations as a researcher, the federal regulations governing human subjects research, and the University’s policies and procedures associated with the conduct of such research whether IRB review is required or not.  Please find document below. 

Overview of the URTP Process (click to view)

This graphic provides an overview of the URTP process from in-person training to a final decision on whether IRB review is needed or not. Please find document below.

URTP Information Sheet (click to download)

Hand-out designed to provide a basis and decription for each of the components of the URTP. Please find document below.

Faculty Advisor Responsibilities (click to download)

An overview of what is expected when you are a Faculty Advisor for undergraduate research. Please find document below.

In-Person Training Sessions and Online CITI Training

Whether or not your undergraduate research project requires IRB review, ethics training is a required part of the URTP.

Our in-person training dates and locations: http://cuhs.harvard.edu/news/undergraduate-research-ethics-training
Information on the online CITI ethics training: http://cuhs.harvard.edu/required-ethics-training

URTP Decision Form

The online Qualtrics survey that guides you through the process of whether or not IRB review is required: Harvard URTP Decision Form

More Information

Got a question?  We can help you!

CUHS - cuhs@fas.harvard.edu or 617-496-2847

URAF Contact - Cammi Valdez - cvaldez@fas.harvard.edu or 617-496-6220




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