IRB Newsletter Archive

2022 IRB Newsletters

Newsletter  January 2022: ESTR Unavailable January 13 - 14, IRB Office Remote Again, PIPL Data Considered Sensitive, Changes to Documentation for GDPR, Exculpatory

Newsletter  February 2022: Is it Human Subjects Research? We have a form for that!, If Scheduling Your IRB Office Hours Using the Online Booking Tool, Check Your Spam/Junk Folder, What Type of Data Is This?, Fee Webinar Series on the Common Rule from the Office for Human Research Protection (OHRP), Human Subjects Research

Newsletter  March 2022: New NIH Data Sharing Policy, Proposed Revisions to the NIH Genomic Data Sharing Policy, URTP Training Dates, Does an Oral History Project Require IRB Review?

Newsletter April 2022: New NIAAA Data Sharing Policy -- Effective Immediately,  Revision to Department/School Distribution Coming Soon, Removing Study Team Members?,  Collaborating with Another Institution? Check out our updated website page,  Submit button,  Deception and Incomplete Disclosure

Newsletter  May 2022: Lotteries and Raffles as a Form of Subject Compensation, We Love to Hear from You, but We Don't Need To! Modifications on Exempt Determinations and Continuing Review on studies that follow the 2018 Requirements, Multi-Site/Collaborative vs. Single-Site vs. Location - What Is the Difference?

2021 IRB Newsletters

NewsletterJanuary 2021 - We're Accredited!, IRB Office Hours Now at Harvard Law School, Repositories

NewsletterFebruary 2021 - Reminder: Review Timeline, Reminder: School/Department Approval for In-Person Research, Funding Deadline? Other Sensitive Deadline?  Leave a Comment!, Exculpatory

Newsletter March 2021 - New Phase for Resumption of In-Person Research, New Agreements Tool - WAIT, URTP Training Dates, IRB Lifecycle Guide, Manage Relationships, Exempt

Newsletter April 2021 - WAIT Tool Update, Conducting Research as a Student, FWA, Agency, and Engagement and Why It's Important in Collaborative/Multi-Institutional Research

Newsletter May 2021 - Conducting Research in Brazil, MTurk ID's -- Yep, they are an "Identifier", Policy on the Use of Harvard Names and Insignias, Leaving Harvard? Plan Ahead and Take Action Prior To Departure

Newsletter June 2021 - IRB Lifecycle Guide - Your Lifeline for All Things IRB, Informed Consent & You, 118 Determination

Newsletter July 2021 - Resumption of Research - COVID-19 Update, CITI Training Now Available in Spanish, Just Arriving at Harvard?  Or Are You Departing Harvard?  Tips for a successful transition, Prompt Reporting Requirements

Newsletter  August 2021 - Keep Your IRB Submission Up to Date!, Harvard Catalyst Community Engagement Program, External IRB Submissions

Newsletter September 2021 - New GDPR Document - Just Released, What's New on Our Website, What to Know When Your Harvard Research Study Will Involve MGB, DoD Research Regulations

Newsletter October 2021 - Who is an Agent of Harvard?, Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL), What it Means to Be a Faculty Sponsor, What's New on Our Website, Coercion and Undue Influence

Newsletter November 2021 - PIPL - New Information Posted, URTP - What You Need to Know, URTP In-Person Training Dates, Recruiting from Harvard Guidelines, ESTR Not Available this Weekend, Principal Investigator Eligibility

Newsletter December 2021 - Office Closed for Winter Recess, Tips for a successful IRB Review, HRPP & HRPP Plan

2020 IRB Newsletters

NewsletterJanuary 2020 - AAHRPP Tip Sheet #1, Single IRB requirements, Review of the Revised Rule, Harvard IRBs Master Agreement, IRB Determination and Approval Dates

NewsletterFebruary 2020 - Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), Study Team Member, Sending comments in ESTR, Minimal Risk Studies and Consent Forms,Tracking Harvard Staff on External IRB Submissions

NewsletterMarch 2020 - Data Safety System, Revised HRDSP, Local Context Forms, Principal Investigator Assurance

NewsletterCOVID-19 Update (March 12 2020) 

NewsletterApril 2020 - New and Modified COVID-19 studies, Delay of HRDSP, Written Documentation of Consent

NewsletterMay 2020 - Pilot of Updated Research Data Security Policy Guidance, Collaboration Tools Matrix, ESTR Upgrade Planned May 29-June 1, Documented Consent, Data Use Agreements

NewsletterJune 2020 - Re-Starting Research at Harvard, COVID Procedures:  What to Submit and What Not To Submit To IRB, ESTR Release - Upgrade, In ESTR: Comment VS. Response, Anonymous, De-Identified, and Coded Data

NewsletterJuly 2020 - Resumption of Research - What's Next?, IRB Lifecycle Guide, Federal Wide Assurance (FWA), Agency, and Engagement: Why it's Important in Collaborative/Multi-Institutional Research

NewsletterAugust 2020 - AAHRPP Site Visit Countdown, Lapsed IRB Approvals and Administrative Closure, Parent Permission

NewsletterSeptember 2020 - AAHRPP Site Visit and link to training webpage, Resumption of In-Person Research, GDPR Reminder, Exempt

NewsletterOctober 2020 - AAHRPP Site Visit Success, What to submit to the IRB during COVID, Institutional Official

NewsletterNovember 2020 - Meet Your School/Deptartment IRB Reviewer, Choose URTP as Your Department if you are an Undergraduate Researcher, Don't Forget to Manage Relationships, Human Subjects Research

NewsletterDecember 2020 - sIRB Researcher Responsibilities, Holiday Break Reminder, Conducting International Research? Scientific and Scholarly Review

2019 IRB Newsletters

Newsletter December 2019 - Study Site versus Local Site, ESTR "mini-upgrade",  IRB Office closed for Winter Recess, Distribution/IRB Administrator Changes, IRB Office Hours

Newsletter November 2019 - Changes to Data Security at Harvard, External IRB Requirements, Repository Appication, Distribution/IRB Administrator Revision, Undergraduate Research Ethics Training

Newsletter October 2019 - AAHRPP Highlight - Institutional Policies:  Finders Fees, Mechanical Turk (MTURK) Attention Checks, Key Tips for IRB Submissions, Broad Consent

Newsletter September 2019 - AAHRPP Tip Sheets, Storing Identifiable Data, IRB Office Hours, Benefits of Participation

Newsletter August 2019 - Harvard HRPP Review and Resources, 118 Determination, Review of Research Requiring IRB Review, 3rd Party Subjects

Newsletter July 2019 - Leaving Harvard, IRB Office Hours, Foreseeable Risks

Newsletter June 2019 - AAHRPP Accreditation and Training Sessions, Cooperative Research, Unanticipated Problem Involving Risks To Subjects or Others (UPIRTSO)

Newsletter May 2019-IRB News Extra! - IRB Office Moving to 44-R Brattle, Suite 200, Data Security Review Pilot

Newsletter May 2019 - HUA IRB Office Moving to 44-R Brattle, Suite 200, Lapsed Approval Notice, External IRB Process Update, External IRB Review - Terms You Need To Know

Newsletter April 2019 - ESTR Update, Distribution/IRB Administrator Changes, Training Dates:  Revised Rule and URTP, Repository Application, HRPP and HRPP Plan

Newsletter March 2019 - AAHRPP Accreditation Process, Leaving Harvard, Exculpatory

Newsletter February 2019 - Transitioning Existing Studies to the 2018 Requirements, Benign Behavioral Intervention

Newsletter January 2019 - IRB Office Closed for Winter Recess, Major Changes with the Revised Rule, Revised Rule Presentation Dates, Revised URTP Process, Recruiting Staff/Lab Members as Study Participants, Legally Authorized Representative (LAR)

2018 IRB Newsletters

NewsletterDecember 2018 - Revised Rule Presentation Dates, Working with Native American Populations, Engagement

NewsletterNovember 2018 - Revised Rule Presentation Dates/AAHRPP Training Preparation, New NIH Training Alternative for Non-Affiliates, Seeking Volunteers to Test Electronic "Wizard" in ESTR, Agreements - DUA Submission System, Key Information

NewsletterOctober 2018 - Accreditation Step 1 Application, IRB Submission Forms on the IRB Website, IRB Administrator Job Opening, Compensating Subjects

NewsletterSeptember 2018 - HRPP Plan, Mechanical Turk (MTURK) article in Wired Magazine, IRB Protocol Template Overhaul, Seeking Volunteers for "Exempt Wizard", Mandated Reporter

NewsletterAugust 2018 - Three Burden Reducing Provisions (3BRP), Accreditation Self-Assessment and Revised Documents, Exempt

NewsletterJuly 2018 - Three Burden Reducing Provisions, URTP Summer Undergraduate Training Dates, About Whom

NewsletterJune 2018 - AAHRPP Tip Sheets, GDPR, URTP Summer Undergraduate Training Dates, Identifiability

NewsletterMay 2018 - AAHRPP Standards and Elements, Department Distribution Revision, Deception vs. Incomplete Disclosure

NewsletterApril 2018 - AAHRPP Accreditation, HRPP, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Leaving Harvard, Exculpatory

NewsletterMarch 2018 - Find Your IRB Contact, Harvard Research Data Security Policy (HRDSP), Long Form, Short Form, or Information Sheet

NewsletterFebruary 2018 - New SOPs, Templates, and Forms, Ethics Training Check-In, NIH Clinical Trial, Practicable

NewsletterJanuary 2018 - Revised Rule News

NewsletterJanuary 2018 - Prepare for the Revised Rule, Introducing URTP, Multi-Site Versus Single-Site