Leaving Harvard?



Do you have on-going research that is approved under the expedited or full IRB review category? Active IRB approval is needed at all times, so to ensure you do not have a lapse in approval...




If you will no longer have a formal affiliation at Harvard:

  • your Harvard IRB approval will no longer be active, and
  • you will no longer be able to access ESTR to make any changes
  • the Harvard University Area IRB will no longer be your IRB of record and will not be able to provide IRB review for you.

Please see the options listed below.

If you are moving to a new institution and will continue your research

You should:

  • Contact your new institution’s IRB office for instructions on how to open the study(ies) there.

  • Close your study(ies) here via ESTR.

If you no longer plan to conduct the research

You should:

  • Close the study(ies) here via ESTR.

If you plan to transfer your research to another Harvard PI

You should: 

  • Determine if the identified individual is “PI eligible”. If not, you will need to also identify a Faculty Sponsor for this individual.

  • Submit a modification via ESTR to change the PI on your study. Information on how to submit a modification to change the PI may be found here.

NOTE: to change the PI, select the “Other parts of the study” in the modification ESTR SmartForm.