For Research Participants

Research Participation: Questions to Ask

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 What is Research?

Part 1: What is Research?

This video provides basic information about scientific research, the goals of research, and discusses how clinical research differs from medical care. (3:00)

 Clinical Trials

Part 2: Clinical Trials

This video discusses types of human research with a focus on clinical trials, and explains common terms that potential participants should know. (4:20)

 Questions to Ask

Part 3: Questions to Ask

This video emphasizes that participating in research is voluntary and encourages potential participants to ask questions and get the information they need to decide whether to participate. (4:44)


Part 4: Randomization

This video explains the concept of randomization in research studies and what potential participants need to know when volunteering for a study with a randomized design. (7:25)

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Research Participation: Additional Resources

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Research Subject Bill of Rights

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Social and Behavioral Research

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MRI Scans for Research

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