Do You Need A Faculty Sponsor?

If you are conducting human subjects research and your position at Harvard is one of the following, FAS policy requires you to have a PI-eligible faculty member sponsor your project*:

Undergraduate student
Graduate student
Staff member
Visiting Scholar

*PI eligibility varies slightly from school to school; if you are unsure, check with your department / administrative unit head. Note, however, that the list above applies to all Harvard schools and departments.

**Lecturers at the Harvard Kennedy School are PI eligible and do not need a faculty sponsor for their research

Please make sure to list your faculty sponsor both on the CUHS Protocol Template form AND on the Study Team Members page in ESTR, with the role Faculty Sponsor. If your faculty sponsor is not listed in ESTR, the Ancillary Review notification will not be triggered, and this will slow down the turnaround time of your application.

For more information on PI eligibility, please visit

For more information on what it means to be a faculty sponsor, please see the Ancillary Review Reference document.