Download and fill out the applicable forms from the list below, then go to our online submission system ESTR (, sign in with your HUID, and click on Create New Study. Fill out the online pages and upload these forms in the appropriate places.

For help with navigating ESTR, see the ESTR Study Submission Guide.

CUHS Protocol Template(use this form also for exempt studies)
HRP-215 Not Human Subjects Research Determination Request 
Continuing Review Progress Report / Study Closure Template 
CUHS Adult Consent Form Template
CUHS Parental or Guardian Permission Template
CUHS Child Assent Form Template
Financial Interest Disclosure Form
Non-Harvard Study Personnel Form
IRB Cede Request Form
Individual Investigator Agreement (IIA)
PI Waiver for Undergraduate Research in the Social Sciences

Sample Debriefing form
Sample Consent form
Parental Permission form (for minors)

INITIAL REVIEWS: We accept only the CUHS Protocol Template.

CONSENT FORMS: We will approve any CUHS forms that contain all the required elements, so you may use the old sample forms, the new templates, or a modification of an existing form that is already in use in your lab.

MODIFICATIONS and RENEWALS: there are no separate forms in ESTR; instead, information is entered directly into ESTR. You must also upload current versions of all study documents, unless the study is in the data analysis phase only.


A. Description of Research

CUHS Protocol Template - use this form to describe your research plan. 

HRP-215 Not Human Subjects Research Determination Request- use this form to apply for a formal determination that your activities do not constitute research with human subjects. IRB Worksheet HRP-310 - for reference. Investigators: Complete form HRP-215 only.

B. Consent, assent and permission

i. Consent templates - these templates are the most general starting point and can be filled in for any type of non-exempt minimal risk research.

ii. Consent samples - these samples assume a particular type of research (interview, lab study, survey) so certain portions are already filled in.

Non-exempt consent samples: 

Exempt consent samples:

iii. Consent examples- these are completed example consent forms for (fictitious) interview and online experiment research.

C. Continuing Review (Renewal) and Closure

  • The main information for continuing review or closure is submitted directly into ESTR. There is a Continuing Review Progress Report Template that can be used to provide the required brief summary of progress.

D. Supplemental Forms