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Listings for the Harvard Longwood Campus IRB can be found at their Department Assignments page.

Department Reviewer

FAS - Astronomy
FAS - Chemistry and Chemical biology
FAS - Center for the Envirionment
FAS - Environmental Science
FAS - Harvard College Observatory
FAS - Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
FAS - Human Evolutionary Biology
FAS - Mind/Brain/Behavior
FAS - Molecular and Cellular Biology
FAS - Organismic & Evolutionary Biology
FAS - [Other SEAS]
FAS - Other [FAS]
FAS - Physics
FAS - Program for Evolutionary Dynamics
FAS - Institute for Quantitative Social Science [IQSS]
FAS - Research on cumutation and Society, [CRCS]/SEAS
FAS - Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology [SCRB]
FAS - Center for Systems Biology
FAS - University Health Services [HUHS]

Katie Schaffenberger

FAS - Government
FAS - Health Policy
FAS - Psychology (half)
FAS - Public Policy
Saraf Salim
FAS - African American Studies
FAS - Economics
FAS - Psychology (half)

Michelle Rosie

FAS - Anthropology
FAS - Asia Center
FAS - Comparative Literature
FAS - David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies
FAS - Davis center for Russian and Eurasian Studies
FAS - East Asian Languages and Civilizations
FAS - English
FAS - Extension School
FAS - Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies
FAS - Harvard Academy for International and Area Sudies
FAS - Harvard College Library
FAS - Harvard Forest
FAS - Center for Hellenic Studies
FAS - History
FAS - History and Literature
FAS - History of Art and Architecture
FAS - History of Science
FAS - Humanities Center
FAS - Center for Jewish Studies
FAS - Korea Institute
FAS - Linguistics
FAS - Mathematics
FAS - Center for Middle Eastern Studies
FAS - Music
FAS - Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
FAS - Philosophy
FAS - Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Islamic Studies Program
FAS - Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies
FAS - Romance Languages and Literatures
FAS - Slavic Languages and Literatures
FAS - Social Studies
FAS - Society of Fellows
FAS - Sociology
FAS - South Asian Studies
FAS - Statistics
FAS - Visual and Environmental Studies
FAS - Women, Gender, and Sexuality
Kathryn Bean
FAS - Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning
FAS - Rowland Institute
FAS - Weatherhead Center for International Affairs
Alicia McGovern
Department Reviewer
Graduate School of Design [GSD] Katie Schaffenberger



Department Reviewer
Harvard Business School [HBS]  GSAS Students Katie Schaffenberger



Department             Reviewer
Harvard Divinity School [HDS] Michelle Rosie




Department Reviewer
Harvard Graduate School of Education [HGSE] Alicia McGovern


Department Reviewer
Harvard Kennedy School [HKS] - NOT including PAE/SYPA Elizabeth Parsons
Harvard Kennedy School - PAE/SYPA Kathryn Bean




Department Reviewer
School of Engineering and Applied Science SEAS/WYSS Institute Katie Schaffenberger


Department Reviewer
External IRB Submissions/Sites

Ani Heller, Reliance Administrator


Department Reviewer
Harvard Law School [HLS] Elizabeth Parsons