Required Ethics Training

Harvard policies require that all individuals who are involved in human subjects research complete training in the ethical conduct of research. This includes investigators and all study team members who have contact with human subjects or their identifiable data. Faculty sponsors of non-exempt research must also complete the training. The requirement may be satisfied by obtaining CITI or NIH certification online. Certification is valid for three years. If you are an undergraduate student, you may satisfy this requirement by attending an undergraduate training session.

All individuals who complete an online training program should download and save a copy of the certificate for their records. Some certificates must also be submitted to CUHS.

1. Certificates that do not need to be submitted:

  • CITI training carried out through Harvard University affiliation if a valid HUID was entered into the CITI “employee number” field. (This information is uploaded automatically every Friday into ESTR.)
  • CUHS-led undergraduate training for undergraduates only. (CUHS will enter the information into ESTR.)

 2. Certificates that must be submitted:

  • CITI training carried out without an HUID or through another affiliation.
  • NIH Ethics Training.

The first time the individual is listed on a study with training in category 2, attach the certificate to the “Study Team Members” page of the SmartForm. Please contact CUHS if you have any questions.

Finding the Social & Behavioral Courses on the CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) web site

Finding the BASIC course:

  • If you have an existing CITI account, enter your Username and Password. If not, choose Register under Create an account (not “Log in through my institution”), then under Select Your Organization Affiliation, type in Harvard and select Harvard University (Cambridge/Allston campus) from the choices that appear. Note that Harvard does not currently participate in the “Single Sign On” program (“SSO”). 
  • Your CITI login is not connected to your HUID, but be sure to enter your HUID in the HUID or XID field in your CITI profile - without it, your training will not be imported to ESTR.
  • At Main Menu > Add a course... > Human Research (Protection of Human Subjects) > Social & Behavioral Research Investigators > Stage 1: Basic

Main page in CITI

CITI basic course modules

Click here to get started on CITI

Finding the REFRESHER course:

  • Enter your Username and Password; choose Harvard University (Cambridge/Allston campus). Make sure that the correct HUID is entered in the HUID or XID field in your CITI profile.

CITI refresher course modules

How To Download Your CITI Completion Report:

  1. Log in to CITI
  2. Click on Harvard University (Cambridge/Allston Campus)
  3. Click on View Previously Completed Coursework
  4. Click on "View" under Completion Report in the table
  5. The certificate will open in a new window. Save or print it as a pdf

Note: If your report doesn't show up, you have not completed the training

For technical questions about CITI, contact CITI Support at; U.S. toll-free at 888-529-5929; or international at 1-305-907-3100.

Link to NIH Ethics Training 

NIH Good Clinical Practice 

NIH's Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training modules are specifically tailored to social and behavioral science researchers conducting clinical trials, and are available through the Society of Behavioral Medicine (including for non-members of the Society of Behavioral Medicine.)